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Are you thinking about having
weight loss surgery

My 20 years of experience can help you

Here I share my personal and sometimes intimate journey "Warts & All" - to help you overcome the challenges you will face along the way

I have lost
14 stone

& kept it off for
20 years

I have been where you are now

Sign up here and let me support you all the way

Are you struggling after your bariatric surgery

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Is Living With Bariatrics "Warts & All" the right platform for you ?

YES ! ...

There is an abundance of 

'unreliable' information out there

and a shortage of

essential, 'appropriate' support !

Unfortunately that leads to

 a huge gap 

between bariatric surgery

and long term success


  • I will tell you EXACTLY what it is like to have surgery.

  • EXACTLY what life is like after surgery - "warts & all"

  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls that present themselves  - based on my 20 years of experience and, I will 

  • Cut through the quagmire of information that has popped up online recently

Living With Bariatrics bridges that gap


Living with Bariatrics is founded and run by Mel Harris. 


In 2004 Mel had a gastric band fitted. 

In 2007 she had the band converted to a Roux En Y stomach bypass. 

She has had her gallbladder removed. A hernia repaired. And she has undergone multiple and extensive skin removal surgeries.

She even had a near death experience!

Sounds like hell doesn't it?

In some ways it was.  However, throughout all that

She has lost a whopping 14 stone, lost 8 dress sizes
and more importantly - kept it off for almost 20 years.

(In Feb 2024 it will be 'exactly' 20!)

NO-ONE is best placed to share all of her experiences with you because there is very little that you might be going through that she hasn't gone through herself and got first hand experience of.

No matter where you are on your journey. Whether you are at the point of considering surgery but have many questions and fears, or you may have already had your surgery but still face some challenges or maybe need a bit of a reboot..........

Mel’s story is sure to  inform, inspire, motivate and quell fears.

Mel holds  live webinars that always give you the opportunity to have your specific questions addressed.  The webinars cover many different topics and many host some very special guest speakers, all of whom are prolific in their specialist area of Bariatrics. So you have a lot to choose from.

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The sad fact - is that there is a big gap between bariatric surgery
and 'long term' success

Living With Bariatrics 

After all kinds of bariatric surgery, many people struggle or never achieve their weight loss goal

Even less people keep the weight off long term

On top of that many people report feeling overwhelmed by a barrage of challenges
and a decline in their mental health

We will give you full support you

Mel shares her personal and intimate story to inspire you 

She imparts all of her proven strategies that propelled her towards long term success and that she still uses to keep on track

She uses her twenty years of experience to help address your questions and allay your fears.

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Bariatric Surgery is NOT an easy option - ​It is by far the most difficult route to losing weight you will ever have tried

Worse still....... ​ regardless of what surgery you undergo, there is a very big risk that you could REGAIN WEIGHT !


Bariatric surgery is the very best tool currently out there to help you lose weight​ and​ Living With Bariatrics "Warts & All", is here to assist you treat your 'surgical tool', as your best friend rather than your arch nemesis and thereby​, enable you to achieve your goal and live your best life.


Unleash the full potential of your bariatric surgery by discovering how to maximise its benefits and discover the proven strategies designed to achieve your weight loss goals and optimise your overall health and well-being.
Not just for now
Not just for tomorrow
But for the rest of your life

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Living With Bariatrics
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